Helpfull tips on reading tarot cards.?

Helpfull tips on reading tarot cards.?
I’v been treaching myself to read tarot cards for the past coupple of days and I’m hoping for helpful advice from an advanced reader. Anything that will advance my studies! Thanks oodles and boodles.

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to be more accurate and helpful try also to read the person you are doing a spread for, in the correct frame of mind they will help your reading

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Tarot Reading Tips
How to get the most out of your Tarot Consultation
The success of every tarot reading is usually attributed to a few key factors:

your Reader’s ability to tune into your energy and the cards
the energy interaction between the Reader and you (Querent)
intentions set by each participant (e.g. expectations, attitudes)
phrasing of each question
To get the most out of your reading, be sure you are:

CLEAR and FOCUSED with your question (see how to phrase questions). It is understandable to have many questions regarding one particular situation, but it’s important to be able to narrow your questions down to one, so that the cards can provide clearer answers. Your Reader can assist you with this.
OPEN to receiving guidance and maintain a positive attitude toward the reading; trust that whatever answers come through is what you are meant to be provided with at this time.
WILLING to take responsibility for your life and to make positive changes in order to create your ideal outcome.

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The best way to learn to listen to your intuition during card readings is to start by meditating. This clears the mind and you will start to sense and feel things and you will also “know” that you are correct on your answer. So put the cards down for a couple weeks and practice meditating. When you go back to your cards you should pick out the major arcana and look at all the symbols and think about how the card makes you feel inside. (This takes many weeks, but if you are serious about really learning, you will do it). You will then look up the actual meanings and compare it to your initial feelings which will in turn give you your individualized interpretations. Remember there is no 1 meaning for each card. Continue on until you have done this with all of the cards.

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Help with a tarot card reading…?

I did a Celtic Cross Tarot card reading and I need help understanding what it means. Thanks:)

1- Present- Page of Cups
2- Obstacle- The Lovers
3- Best Outcome- Three of Wands
4- Under- The Fool
5- Recent Past- Knight of Wands
6-Immediate Future- The Magician
7-Inner Feeling- The Empress
8-External Influences- The Hangman
9-Hopes and Fears- Queen of Wands
10-Outcome- Two of Pentacles

I got EXTRA cards THAT POPPED OUT: The Two of Cups, Four of Wands, Ace of Swords.

Thanks for your help:)

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That’s a lot of explaining. You either need a professional tarot card reading, or to google these and piece it together yourself.

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Extra card popped out? So this is like Pokemon card games?

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Yeah, uh, these things are best explained by someone who knows you. I could tell you all about what the cards mean but, who they signify and what personaly in your life they represent; I would have no idea. Take some time and contemplate it for yourself.

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A request/challenge from tvChrisT, a tarot card reading role play. Also, I’m slowly improving my technical quality, please leave feedback. Common triggers in…

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  1. Nadine ^..^ says

    I would start with simpler spreads until you are more comfortable with the cards. You will find it easier to see the meaning in your spread when you are familiar with the cards and what they indicate. A good spread to start with is the three card spread. It’s three cards from left to right. The left most card is the past, the middle the present, and the right is the most likely future if nothing changes. You can even make up your own spreads, or look for spreads online. I suggest keeping the spreads under 5 cards.

    Good luck!

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  2. moonshine says

    The meaning of those cards
    are standard, but your reading will
    come from how they present themselves
    when you pull them out of the pack and lay them down.
    They coud have reverse meanings, only
    the reader can interpret, unless you’re doing your own
    which is not the thing to do. Tarot cards are for entertainment
    purposes only, and relates to worldly events in someone’s life.
    Spiritual readings are more accurate and you can do that yourself.
    If you can read.

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