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3 The Dark Aching - Planet Dreams

You can customize the way she looks during the game. This is a lot Daro work considering the romance scenes. In this new version of the game, the original male captain is "outranked" by her, so he becomes a regular and romanceable survivor, along with a few female survivors as romance options as well.

There Tbe many Aching Dreams 3 - The Dark Planet. I have the necessary resources to finish the game, so all I need to do is make it.

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If the game is not funded, then I'd have to settle for less. Funding will allow me to add proper voice acting, more fleshed out animations during battle, and basically more time to let the project really cook.

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3 Planet Dark Aching - Dreams The

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Dark Aching The 3 Planet - Dreams

This e mail address is being protected from spambots. If you already have code its better to review if it is.

The patch is now live!

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3 - Dreams Planet Dark Aching The

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This game has been Greenlit by the Community!

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Dark Planet The Dreams Aching - 3

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- Dark Planet The 3 Aching Dreams

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The Dark Aching Dreams - Planet 3

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Dreams Planet Aching 3 Dark - The

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Dreams The Aching Planet - 3 Dark

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Dark - The Planet Dreams 3 Aching

Or maybe it's the Homestuck version I'm remembering as exciting and full of intrigue. They're blurring together in my head. Apologies from me also, I was just a bit too enthusiastic with the game. I'll try to keep spoilers hidden more.