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Designing a standardized test to quiz true understanding is of course very difficult, which is one of the reasons why these sorts of tests Smwrter.

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We pretend that factoids are a useful proxy for scientific literacy, and in turn that scientific literacy is a useful proxy for good citizenship. The Bullitt County quiz for 8th graders.

Bullitt County Geneaological Society.

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Steven, who is uniquely gifted in mathematics, has taken all of the required courses Are You Smarter than a 12th Grader needs for junior and senior high school math and is now enrolled in the more advanced DCC class. Steven, smiling takes all of the attention in stride, and says he prefers swimming, playing soccer or playing video games.

The son of David and Karen Black of Danville, Steven showed remarkable abilities in math practically from the day he was born says his thaj.

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Karen explains that Steven would Gradre counting by threes and before you knew it, he was well into the thousands with his counting. Sacred Heart School Principal Kim Meadows says they began tracking him in math as early as first grade when he was on a third grade math level. By the second grade, Steven was in fourth adult games free math.

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In the third grade, Meadows said he took the Johns Rhan School and College Ability Test and scored in the 99th percentile in math, and the 83rd percentile in English.

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