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Blog · Chapter 1 · Chapter 2 · Minigames · About game · About us and the blog · Support .. I do not often read the whole text in a sex game but i did in this one.

Other then that it's a pretty amazeballs game.

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Tina on the farm chwmpion Loola at the market are important people, as are a couple of other elves you meet along the way. Takes some time to get through even all the stuff that's already there Mountain part is not implemented yet, thats why. I can only do magic.

2 chapter lust elana of codes champion

The previous version did this once in awhile but it's worse now. I can't save the cjapter. The slots always display "Empty" but I hear the sound. Checked the FlashPLayer settings.

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I think also you can create your own special Citizens in the clone room. So,CAS skins are back. I'll let you figure out how to unlock them.

2 elana codes chapter champion of lust

The first part of the Demonstration. This is one of those big branching events so it's going to take some time.

champion 2 codes chapter elana of lust

For now you have the entry points and default exit points. There are 9 by the way You are going to be able to change stuff during the event on future releases. Codrs get to train a skill! It's with a yoga event and there is a tiny mini-game.

lust of chapter codes elana champion 2

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lust 2 chapter of codes elana champion

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chapter 2 lust codes of elana champion

Pls post the new alpha! Chapter 1 Beta Alpha 3.

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When is next update? Dont have the swf Reply. What is galery code? Does anyone have the other cheat codes too please?


The game follows the story of Lust, a demon from the 2nd circle of hell. It features lots of explicit sexual content, violent turn based combat, various realms that Lust will be able to demon girl games and conquer, evolving characters and much more.

With a small contribution the project will be kept alive and its development will continue with monthly releases.

lust of codes champion 2 elana chapter

With this update we are also bringing the lv 1 sluttiness sex scene for Maria. This scene currently elana champion of lust chapter 2 codes 2 know, but minor issues, a facial reset issue and an eyeball movement issue. These issues have been reported by our Official Beta testers and we would like to thank them for their assistance. We have added a new vitual sex games to the Valley of Pleasures that should please our feet fetish aficionados.

Check out Illustria as she hcapter in some feet on cocks actions. We have also added, at the very last moment.


A small animated scene to work as a teaser for the next update. This scene can be found at the end of this update and can only be viewed by you our Patrons. We have introduced 2 new areas with chsmpion characters, interactions, dialogues etc. The War Council and the Great Plains.

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The Great Plains come with a variety of locations to visit and that will host various interactions. It is a work in progress so for the moment only 2 locations are open.

At the end of the last update, Lust receives the 1st armor in the game. You may find this armor in the inventory in the Ego Chamber.

Elana: Champion of Lust

We have done a lot of work on the Ego Chamber inventory. The game now can sustain equip items and the Shade Armor is just the first of these types of items. When you battle you will notice a new battle option called items.