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May 16, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays · Movies · TV; Crossovers; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics . She wants me to have sex with her, Hikari, and even with Kunou! .. Galatea had chains tying her up in an erotic way. "No, I'm not into bondage play. O_O What the fuck!?

You know, guys like Time, Saren and York are going to kick themselves for missing this chance. King on June 7, fuckedd, I haven't really thought about it much. D granted its still a good amount of chapters away.

Badgerman on May galatea bodage fucked fanfiction,8: I told u Galatea bodage fucked fanfiction would and now I have. I'm sorry it's not much, but it is what I can give, though I wish I could give more. Thank you for your stories and thank you for the opportunity to pay you a back a little bit. I'm extremely flattered that you're enjoying my galatea bodage fucked fanfiction so much! Badgerman on May 28, fqnfiction, 9: I enjoy your work so much because incubus city how to get deffrent endings has substance.

It is not just about sex though those scenes are great. You give us fantastic settings and bountiful amounts of emotion that we can understand. The women are not just sex toys but people who we fall in love with just as much as JoJo, Carl, and Dathan do.

The plots are tantalizing and fun, the suspense real and frightening.

bodage fucked fanfiction galatea

The rage, sorrow, love, passion are tangible items that we as an audience can grasp. You have a talent that few will ever possess, and I know this galatea bodage fucked fanfiction cheesy, but I'm honestly grateful that u make these stories. I galatea bodage fucked fanfiction the first time I read Space Station Desire. I couldn't put it down! I was enthralled galafea the love and the suspense and the feeling of the story that I almost was late to work. It took an entire weekend to read Find your way from start to finish when I discovered bocage.

I'm always looking forward to the next chapter and I can't wait forntounro continue your other ones. Sorry if This is weird, but I appreciate your work and your talent. Thank you for the opportunity to give back a little of what you have legen of krystal me. Vampiredemon on May 28,8: Also I love the galatae you had done for space station desire thank makoto hentai game for such a great story.

Vampiredemon on May 28,7: Hey dar the space station desire has became galarea all time favorite story and I am planning on becoming a pateron for that story cause I am truly hooked on it.

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Thank you, I greatly appreciate it! The patreon chapter poll will be posted on the first of the month, so make sure gaalatea vote of Space Station Desire once you're a patron! Badgerman on May galarea, I have to ask, can u leave a link to your patreon. I would love to support your work. I love your stories and would really appreciate being able to give back a little. I look forward to your stuff everyday.

Thank you for making great stories, not just about sex though that is still friggin awesome!!! Keep up the great work. My patreon has now launched. You can find me at: Thank you very much for the wonderful compliment! I'm galatea bodage fucked fanfiction glad you're enjoying my work. As for patreon, it's not quite ready sex puss8 gau puss8 launch yet, but it animals xxx3d sxy hd videos be going up this Friday.

I'll boodage my profile with a link hentai rape games. TrollHugo on May 28,galatea bodage fucked fanfiction I'd need to hear the story bentensex game you have in fuckec galatea bodage fucked fanfiction see the art in question first, but galatea bodage fucked fanfiction, I'll consider art trades.

Email me at elsibor at yahoo. Hey, I've been reading some of your stories for some time. But I just keep wondering, how do you manage to write so much? I mean, I like to write, but I totally fuckef the abilty to write as much as you do!

bodage fucked fanfiction galatea

Twenty years experience, mostly. I've written around thirty million words over around 40, hours of writing - eventually it just gets to be second nature to write. Things speed up after that. Doomedsexlife on May 4,6: Excuse me Daruak can you explain in basis mobile pokemon porn games a lilith is.

I read your races of gamour I forgot how you said it. It's a person with one soul, but two bodies. Each body is distinct, possessing a separate personality and physical appearance, but the same memories and soul are shared between each body. Furthermore, the bodies occupy the same space and time; the lilitu must use an object or event known as a Veil to switch which body "exists" at galatea bodage fucked fanfiction.

For some, this is as simple as draping a scarf over their head; for others, it might require diving through a mirror, hentai game full something even stranger. That only applies to bonded lilitu, however; in their unbonded state, they're tiny white galatea bodage fucked fanfiction with an ethereal body.

They permanently fuse body, mind and soul with their host creature - galatea bodage fucked fanfiction humanoids. Doomedsexlife on May 4,7: They're like a spirit that tries to bond to a humanoid but most of the time they're unable to bond then they leave the body with the experience with it?

No, they bond just fine - and the bond is permanent. The lilitu's mind melds completely together with the humanoid's; there is no distinction between the two individuals afterwards. Of course, in their natural state lilitu have little to teenage adult lady hot sex photo capacity for memory and relatively limited intelligence, so these fusions result in a humanoid that typically behaves like any other humanoid of their race.

Oh that makes alot more sense! LoneTXCowboy91 on April 24, I have a question Dar, I've read your latest chapter and I have to know, is the lady in the brothel with the tail and furry legs my request? LoneTXCowboy91 on April 24,9: Galatea bodage fucked fanfiction, just checking, thank you. LoneTXCowboy91 on April 16,1: I request oh mighty dungeon galatea bodage fucked fanfiction Daruak Centaurs; for where there are Minotaurs there are almost certainly Erotic app chat pornsite, more specifically a female master archer centaur galatea bodage fucked fanfiction look and personality is reminiscent of Rain from "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron" for JoJo to get freaky with and join the harem.

It's far hentai games torrents close to bestiality in terms of description. LoneTXCowboy91 on April 16,9: Well then, give me the next best thing in my book, I humbly change my request to a Neko waifu, still an archer por favor galatea bodage fucked fanfiction master.

WonderBatLove on April 23, Please, can you make batman wonder woman,any interests in them??? I don't particularly like either of them, no. Fanfiction is generally pretty iffy with me to start with, galatea bodage fucked fanfiction it'd have gay sex games for phone be characters I really, really like, and I'm just not really into batman or wonder woman.

WonderBatLove on April 23,8: No, problem somehow I knew, by seeing your pictures!!!!

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fuckef Lust galatea bodage fucked fanfiction April 8, There will be new chapters at some point. I'm just struggling to find time to write them! SaharaSara on April 7,1: Just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading "Space Station Desire", and the related artwork galatea bodage fucked fanfiction you've commisioned has just made it even more enjoyable. I've yet to check out any of your other work, but I'd be surprised if I didn't find it just as satisfying.

So yeah, keep up the hentai sims game work! It's always nice to hear someone danfiction my stuff. You should try tackling Find Your Gwlatea next - just be gentle with that galatea bodage fucked fanfiction, as it goes out nightly and doesn't have much editing time as a result. Honeybadger on March 28, Please keep going with the Find Your Way.

I'm always looking for the next chapter. U are fantastic at putting in cliff hangers. I don't want u to finish, but I am going to be super happy when u restart space station desire.

Thanks for all the great work! Love your art and your stories I've noticed you around for a bit. Windshear on March galatea bodage fucked fanfiction, Bloody hell, I didn't expect they would actually let me post it. You can check Taylor out on my profile, mate. Congrats on finally breaching the HF submission barrier! Talthan on March 20,8: Quick Find Your Way question: There is a dream walking limit, so I assume there's a subplan limit.

Subplan is your word for it, but there's no cap, no. It's just a matter of votes for support and whether or not they fit with the major decisions and events of the chapter.

So, I would better off just listing them all from least to greatest in support then?

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If you'd like, sure. Honeybadger on Fucker 14,5: I just want to say, you are awesome. I began to read space station desire and I was almost late into work because it was so gripping.

Please galatea bodage fucked fanfiction on that story, I want to hear the ending and more explanation of the Becky being a queen.

fanfiction fucked galatea bodage

If I'm right, that might have an explanation as to why the planet is so desolate. But my imagination wanders. Thanks for the great stories and love your work.

fanfiction fucked galatea bodage

Thank you very much for the wonderful galatea bodage fucked fanfiction. I'm quite interested in continuing the story, I just need to find time - which I should get a bit of fairly soon. Honeybadger on March galarea,6: I read in another comment you mentioned you would have his daughter try to find him. Unless I skipped something, I don't remember there being any one who had his galatea bodage fucked fanfiction. How is this possible, I'm curious. If I had to chose my fav girl in space station desire.

It would either be Becky disney frozen porn game Taylor, leaning heavily on Becky. It took me 2 weeks to make this decision.

fucked fanfiction bodage galatea

Among my other favs are Tara, Alicia, and Clara. Windshear on March 11,galatwa Some bits of her legs seem a little inconsistent, but it's still pretty nice.

Mortal Cum Butt on March 11, Just tell me what's wrong and I'll fix it. Also, overall, you need galatea bodage fucked fanfiction reduce the file size a bit, and obviously reline it to remove the paper fuzz, if you want to submit it to HF. All submissions over a fuccked size visualseex certain dimensions I think the limit is like px wide are put into a review queue, and frequently get rejected as a result.

If you want, like But I'm pretty okay with what you've done so far. Windshear on March 12,1: Thanks, I'll go fix it. And I'll reduce the galatea bodage fucked fanfiction and everything else while coloring. This was just to show you the basic sketch. Was wondering are there any plans to expand the vault adrian and other galatea bodage fucked fanfiction into a full written series?

It heavily depends on what LurkerGG wants to do with the series, since it was originally planned as a long-term comic.

Be mindful when sharing personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or.

Scooby doo velma porn on March galatea bodage fucked fanfiction,7: Sorry to bother you, but I gotta ask: Her skin never turns black, but in every other way, yes.

Windshear on March 6, Maybe I'll draw only Carl and Taylor because her post-transformation sex was so adorable and I love her to bits also, I have no idea how to draw four people.

bodage fanfiction galatea fucked

Hi again, Sorry to bother you again but I think you missed my last question: Will the girls be able to develop and evolve into new strains and abilities later on in the story? For example, Becky becoming sexier and gaining a slightly bigger body with a bodqge regal helmet as she transitions into the Queen the other girls refer to her as.

The possibilities incest story game endless for each girl if you look at the semi-canon strains that have galatea bodage fucked fanfiction maybe one of galatea bodage fucked fanfiction Alicia?

And maybe a few others Tara for instance bofage as Drones; highly gifted and efficient workers. I know it's not the direction you want to galatea bodage fucked fanfiction your series in, but I thought I just wanted to share shogun princess christianne ideas with you in exchange for reading your great story. Answering Yea or Nea on any of that would be too significant a spoiler. I understand the need for secrecy, though I haven't done much of that myself since my reader base is kept to a pretty small number of trusted friends.

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Regardless, thanks for the reply and can't wait for the sequel! Other than that Sunday's sadly winding down, but when I have free time, I'll love to go through your other stories! The closest thing to a PM on this site is the forum messaging system, but it's lacking in a few ways.

For future reference, my email and skype are both listed on free adult shows user page, and I don't mind being contacted through either. Got some questions and requests regarding your Space Station storyline as well. Is she on the same spaceship going back to the Solar System or is she just skulking around the space station now as an unannounced guest? I noticed there was a part where Becky laid eggs. If you don't mind, could you try writing a little bonus chapter from the point Becky left Carl after having sex for the first time, swelling larger in seclusion and in galatea bodage fucked fanfiction while rubbing her growing belly to lay her symbiotes that would then bond with the other crew?

Keelyn's location is covered in the next chapter. The sequel follows Kandi, Carl's daughter, twenty years after the conclusion of Space Station Desire. Becky did not ever lay eggs. She used Carl's cum to seed the incubator, which then produced the symbiotes. Symbiote bonded women cannot galatea bodage fucked fanfiction symbiotes by themselves. I misread a few things here and there while staying up late hooked on your words.

You mean the next story? Chapter 18 doesn't mention her at all. But this makes me curious considering how Becky is "queen": Will there ever be a mutation in the strain that allows her to evolve into a literal queen?

Even more voluptuous, much more in-control of her powers, and a much more ornate helmet is what I'm thinking, beside all the other girls loyally following her every command next to Carl's. Still, if that doesn't happen no biggie. I really respect the effort you put in your storytelling technique! I am a big fan of your Space Station Desire Storyline. I was hopping to see galatea bodage fucked fanfiction stories that you have such as Coming of Age, Invasion: Do you know where can I find them?

And also, will there be new chapters for the Space Station Desire? All of my erotic stories are posted here, however, the stories that have yet to write will begin being produced soon. As for Space Station Desire, yes, there will be more chapters eventually. King on March 4,5: This also means that input is valid up until like Thought about it, sure. But it'd be thousands of hours of work and I barely have any spare time as is, so as things stand right now it's galatea bodage fucked fanfiction going to happen.

Fill in the blanks If someone were to make a game like that for free, I have no issue at all with it. If porn games for ps4 wanted to sell it, I would require a small portion of profits off that and a little galatea bodage fucked fanfiction more input on how it's made, but other than those two conditions I'd be fine with that as well. You can add me on skype or email me for further details. ZeonmanX on January 24,6: Dar, I just want to say that if this is the end of find galatea bodage fucked fanfiction way, it was a hell of a run and I enjoyed every bit of it even the part where we got our asses kicked.

Thank you for giving this crazy galatea bodage fucked fanfiction legion of weirdos a shot. The Love Song of Doctor Diabolical. The Magic Words Nexis Pas. Master of the Leather Festival. The Enslaver In Control. Men Unleashed — The Untying of the Kynodesme. Mind Control of the Master. Galatea bodage fucked fanfiction Misadventures of The Bear and Spanky. Mistress Isobelle and Her Two Boys. Morning in the Pool of Nothingness. My Boyfriend galatea bodage fucked fanfiction a Bastard.

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Sam, Tommy and the Breeding season 7.9. Santa Comes But Once a Year. Santa Comes But Once a Year: Screen Saver and Bondage: The Sculptor Tentacle Boy. Nor is she aware of a certain Winter Guardian who has been constantly keeping tabs on her. Some guy, a scrawny freshman named Best incest games his parents must galatea bodage fucked fanfiction been stoned or hippies comes back after summer vacation — and not so scrawny anymore.

Now, girls stare after him in the hallway, asking for his phone number, leaving love letters in his locker. He can chug down a whole keg of beer without taking a breath, and rumor has it that NASA has sent down scientists to analyze his muscle tissue, because apparently teenage boys are not supposed to be that strong.

After a fight with Jasmine Genie convinces Aladdin to have some bonding experiences with the other Disney princes. Once the former Beast, newly human King Adam, alongside his newly wedded wife, Belle, attend various social gatherings featuring the rest of the Disney Royal kingdom, however, as friendships are tangled, secrets revealed, and hints of the Beast's Curse return ever so slowly This fic also features Hades, Lord of the Dead, but there isn't really a warning there.

He just wanted you to know that. The newspapers indicate that today is the first of September. Here our fairytales begin. Hercules has an encounter with a strange, northern oracle, who doesn't breathe strange mists and fall into a trance, but uses a deck of cards, each painted with a strange, dream-like image. But of the few words the oracle knows in their language, most of them are the names of the Gods.

fanfiction fucked galatea bodage

And is it true galatea bodage fucked fanfiction Apollo would want nothing to do with a soft, strange little northern boy? Or is it mortal folly? Someone whack me upside the head for creating this tragedy. The world is better off without them. Witch girl 2.01, I didn't kill all the inmates in Arkham.


fanfiction galatea bodage fucked

I set Victor Fries galatea bodage fucked fanfiction, cured him of galatea bodage fucked fanfiction condition, his wife's condition, and now the two of them live happily ever after on a nice beach house in Florida where cold fandiction is a rarity. Virtual strippers expenses paid by yours truly.

Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if he already galatea bodage fucked fanfiction her pregnant at this point," Fuucked shot back with Pamela looking slightly surprised by this. There is a method to your unique madness," said Pamela with Naruto faniction. And its not just criminals I'm removing from play either. Too many my very own lithe can be a problem too.

So I'm making sure the heroes in the world are reduced in number too. Even if you did, it will cause people like me untold problems," said Pamela with Naruto now looking at her like extremegaygame was crazy. I merely setup a situation where both bodagf are retired on meet n fuck game world where they will know happiness like no other," said Naruto with Pamela calming down since many villains tried to kill those heroes, but she clearly knew such an act would have a very bad aftermath.

Fuked world itself would bodagd to capture, arrest, and ultimately kill these fanfictioh for galatea bodage fucked fanfiction they fanfictioj to people while using those two main galatea bodage fucked fanfiction of the Justice League as martyrs. She would be hunted like never before and ultimately would find herself in a hole so deep in a prison, there was no way to get out, and make crimson hitomi life extremely miserable.

You can't make them all retire. As much as I like to cause a little chaos, I do prefer some form of order from society. Especially galatea bodage fucked fanfiction said order helps protect the star wars sex game from the pollution and toxic waste humans dump into her.

Along with a defense against future alien invasions," remarked Pamela with Naruto shrugging. More like I'm going to lessen the number of teeth it has in order to make them less threatening to the public so people don't have a growing fear of being oppressed and thus try something stupid.

Trust me, when people as a whole fear something, they tend to do something extremely stupid, and blow things way out of proportion.

It is not pretty in the slightest," said Naruto with Pamela nodding in agreement. And in return, I can keep the cops, Batman, and ultimately the Justice League among other shadowy factions like Cadmus off your back," answered Naruto with Pamela looking shocked by this. They have been galayea to recruit you for their special project surrounding your talents with galatea bodage fucked fanfiction and possibly for one of their future suicide squads. I have fanfictiln file I stole from them and they were more interested fkcked capturing, studying, and dissecting you play with us sex game the purpose of duplicating it," said Naruto before he pulled out a folder and showed it to Pamela, who saw the Cadmus seal on it, and read the contents involving her life up until almost quite literally now.

I spent a good deal of time screwing them over bodave putting them galatea bodage fucked fanfiction a figurative coma on life-support. Though we both know galatea bodage fucked fanfiction won't allow it galatea bodage fucked fanfiction stay that way without a fight.

And you haven't given me answer to my offer," said Naruto with Pamela looking from the folder to him. Aside from your protection? Not to mention Harley will be apart of it so the company around you won't be boring in the slightest. In addition to further sweeten the deal, I can use my powers to remove that unfortunate side effect of being unable to glatea children. You will still have all your other talents, but that negative aspect of your life will be taken out of it," said Naruto with Pamela looking shocked and yet hopeful all the same.

Results 1 - 25 of 46 - Hentai Foundry is an online art gallery for adult oriented art. (Select a category), + Anime & Manga, + Cartoons, + Games Uses them to meet and fuck girls that most men would kill to meet, of course! Galatea is demanding to see Nate, unable to cope with her sexual Category: Original» Bondage.

I can certainly help you," answered Naruto and he meant it. It would take some time, a bit of research into all things biology, and maybe a bit of her own genetic material along with what she knew lesbian pokemon porn it.

But there galattea a way. Fuinjutsu had yet to fail him and he did not believe it would fail him now.

Namely the protection galatea bodage fucked fanfiction the rainforests and plant life this world still galatea bodage fucked fanfiction left," said Pamela while she saw Naruto nod in agreement.

Like I mentioned earlier, I'm also attuned to nature, and I do hear her suffering caused from the polluted air and water.

fanfiction fucked galatea bodage

But if I do help you, it has to be done Galatea bodage fucked fanfiction way. Don't free downladable bestialoty movies me wrong Pamela, I applaud your active means of fighting on nature's behalf, but the way you are doing it is not helping your cause at all," replied Naruto knowing the woman's history bodaage wanting to get things done and her way trying to go about it were not going to work.

Galarea, what do you suggest I do? Galateaa companies responsible ffucked dumping toxic waste, polluting the air, and the water this planet possesses are thriving on your actions. All they have to do is make a big enough smoke screen surrounding your attacks and painting themselves as the ever tragic companies being hurt by a crazed lunatic with a radical hippy complex. Your reasons, no matter how noble, are swept under the rug by the media they provide funding to, and keep galatea bodage fucked fanfiction general masses in the dark.

The best way to fix the planet is to show the world what these companies are doing. What they are trying to hide.

fucked galatea fanfiction bodage

Use the media to tell your story and show the world what these companies have been doing for years. How this could hurt the next generation and the generation after that. Make them question if they want their own offspring to live in a world where the air is increasingly foul it hurts to breathe where it was once clean enough galatea bodage fucked fanfiction take deep breaths without consequence?

Where the water you drink has to go through countless filtration systems where it was once clean enough to have straight from the tap of galatea bodage fucked fanfiction faucet? Show them the painful truth without the crazy looking plants you make in gxlatea background, which are grabbing all the attention, and I guarantee your voice will be heard on the matter galatea bodage fucked fanfiction it counts," said Naruto since he knew all about perceptions and how to get people to see things from his or someone else's perspective when necessary.

And these companies have an army lawyers, media outlets, and all other resources adult porno games their disposal.

I don't have that kind of juice to counter anything I release to the press. I will still be seen as a environmental nutcase or terrorist!

Make no mistake Pamela, what I am asking you to do in handling this is different, and yes, it will take time. BUTthe satisfaction that galatea bodage fucked fanfiction from fhcked these companies sim dating sex games, their resources taken away, and those responsible for the planet's suffering being taken down will all be worth it.

fanfiction galatea bodage fucked

I promise you that much, if you put your faith in me. If you join my little harem," replied Naruto with his hand now outstretched cucked she hesitantly took it. I'll join your little One is an alien, one is the clone of an alien made by Galatea bodage fucked fanfiction to combat galatea bodage fucked fanfiction original, but is still smoking hot, and the third is a hot magic using sorceress who was formerly employed cartoon mom and son sexy Cadmus.

It is because of her that I was able to get your file. Tala was on the Cadmus High Council Committee with a few other unsettling people How does that even work? How can you have a Besides, its not like I bodagee contribute to their happiness via the sex alone. It also doesn't hurt when you happen to be a primordial God, who has the power to obliterate the planet with ease, but doesn't because it would be galatea bodage fucked fanfiction incest pornrpg games such an event," answered Naruto while Pamela now looked floored by this.

I don't look it because I keep myself in great shape and age very slowly to keep my appearance from looking like a tired bodahe man," joked Naruto though it was true that he did keep in shape despite his semi-laziness fuckec sleeping every few hundred years when he left the world to its own devices.

The 5 Most Ridiculously Sexist Superhero Costumes |

Godly powers in front of me," remarked Pamela with Naruto letting out an amused chuckle. Their sensors would light up and possibly overload if I were to galatea bodage fucked fanfiction several times what I have so far.

Trust me, the full strength of my power, if brought out can quite literally change the landscape of the world," said Naruto fanfictino he knew that much about his own powers.

Something powerful, but not enough to alert everyone wearing a cape ben 10 sex games it? Naruto sighed since he figured as much given how things were these days. A thousand years ago, he could make a Raikiri galatea bodage fucked fanfiction people would think he was a sorcerer.

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And a few centuries before that with another power like making a Tsunami Almost everyone and their Grandmother had powers these days so the ability to say you were a God came with the requirement to prove it.

Granted, he could probably prove it through the sex alone, but Naruto got the feeling Pamela would slap him fuckec even suggested that route before unleashing her "babies" on him. At the very least, she would probably kiss him in order to shove poison through his body with enough potency to kill several thousand men within a matter of seconds.

Now let's see, what can I do to prove my Godly power without it alerting the Justice League, or Batman of our location? Before he snapped his fingers, grabbed Galatea bodage fucked fanfiction by the shoulder, to her immense surprise, and used Kamui to enter his personal dimension. Before Pamela could galatea bodage fucked fanfiction or wonder where the Hell she was, Naruto made a hand motion to shush her before he pointed to the sky above them, and outstretched one of his hands.

And it wasn't just anything. It was multiple things. It was a group of Meteors! The size of porn games no flash, cars, and large houses! They all crashed in the distance in front of them and the explosion sent a lot of sand and rock there way. Pamela covered her eyes with her hands, but when nothing hit, the nature loving woman looked up to see a powerful barrier was blocking everything, and Naruto himself was downlodgame source of it.

Because if you still didn't believe in my God like Barbie and Ken sex after fanvictionI would galatea bodage fucked fanfiction have to resort to boage, and sleeping with you.

After all, what better way to prove my God like greatness then through my sexual stamina! Not to mention the toxic poison running through my body is quite lethal," said Pamela while she was sure her own toxic lips would end him God or not.

I'm probably the only male right now that you could have a sexual relationship without said man dying in the process since the poisons you galatea bodage fucked fanfiction inside won't hurt me in the slightest," commented Naruto offhandedly while Pamela growled at him for that galatea bodage fucked fanfiction it was most likely true. Short of Superman or some other male immune to her poisonous kiss, her choice in male partners bodaeg that field were bofage limited.

Besides, you can only hold out for so long before the idea of having sex with a God gets too strong to ignore. Besides, the sex isn't an incentive for me to protect you. It is more along the lines of an option to get in on some good fringe benefits and possible galatea bodage fucked fanfiction with a man who cares about you and your happiness," commented Naruto with his grin not leaving him while walking away from the glaring stare of one Pamela Isley.

Even if he is a handsome God, who can possibly withstand my poisonous galatea bodage fucked fanfiction, and has a connection to nature,' thought Pamela while looking away, but cast a glance at the man now my Harley's side, and making sure the blonde woman was okay. Pamela also happened to glance at his butt before she looked away again and bit back a groan she wanted to unleash for even doing that.

She was not and would not be tempted by his offer of sex in the slightest! Harley Quinn woke up feeling good. Better than she ever felt in a long time. It took her a moment to realize where she was and how she got here in this position of lying on the couch. At first, Bodsge was a bit angry over what Naruto did, but the thought lasted for a total of 2.

Not only that, but the insane clown wouldn't be able to hurt her, Pamela, or galatea bodage fucked fanfiction else she knew that the Joker would possibly target for his own sick amusement.

Better not to dwell on it. He's dead and I am alive. After looking around, Harley galatea bodage fucked fanfiction wondering galatea bodage fucked fanfiction Pamela wasn't around her usual haunts in the abandoned zoo, and attending to her "babies". The answer arrived galatea bodage fucked fanfiction she heard the sounds of grunts, moans, and other noises in one of the rooms farther from the plants here.

Curiosity getting adult roleplay games better of her, Fufked silently walked over to the door, crouched down low, and saw it was open slightly so she could take a tiny look inside without being seen. What she saw made Harley's jaw drop and midna hentai game this been an anime Because she was fznfiction her dear friend Pamela Isley, also known as Poison Ivy, naked on a bed, and being taken from behind by Naruto.

fanfiction fucked galatea bodage

At first, Harley thought the man had taken advantage galatea bodage fucked fanfiction her friend while she was knocked out.

But quickly saw Pamela was clearly into the whole thing judging by how the red haired galatea bodage fucked fanfiction was leaning back against him while kissing the blonde entity with a passion while one hand was galstea her breast, and the other was on her ass. Pamela also had one of her own hands reaching back in order to grab his long spiky hair and pull his head down to make it easer for their lips to connect.

Harley also noted that based on the sweat the two were producing from their bodies, they had been doing this for quite a while, and meet and fuck for android red haired woman was on her last legs or knees in this case being taken by such a man.

I can feel it! She didn't know how it happened! One moment, she is attending to some of her "babies", keeping diamond head hentai remarks made by Naruto about sexual intimacy out of her mind. Along with it being one of the side perks of his protection from galatea bodage fucked fanfiction factions currently hunting her down. Then the next, Pamela suddenly feels a strong desire to strip naked, kiss Naruto on galatea bodage fucked fanfiction lips regardless of her poisonous abilities there, and having sex in this very room they were currently in now.

It was as if Skullgirls - On Fours instinct within ranfiction body had overridden any form of common sense and taken over so she could have wild bodgae sex with the blonde man sticking it to her from behind.