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Description: Simulation of virtual sex - VirtualFem - a modern erotic game in real time. You have to communicate with the selected girl and to be.

Maybe make the options and choices clearer for people to see.

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Good game, worth playing. Yeah, great game and a sexy girl, hard one to get through though, I have to try harder.

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Keep it up love these games. This is the kind of games I like most indeed! Many thanks to all the friends virtual date with keeley wrote down the walkthrough. Loved the game, Keeley is such a babe if only all women were like this!!!!!!!!!!! Awsome game it is 2nd to Christine although this girl is hotter, but the replay vaule was a bit jeeley Like how the different levels get you different things, and the girls look great.

What a nice Game.

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And its quite fair with the dificulty, hard but not to hard: The storyline gives u some intersting choices and makes it worthwhile to virtual date with keeley it moren then once.

Just missing the influence counter like in "Getting to know Christine. I liked this game, but "Getting to Know Christine" was better because it was longer and virtal had the points at the bottom.

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I like the animation too, the 3d is always a game-changer. Walkthrough "Sure thing, Boss. But, please, call me James. Have virtual date with keeley met the new girl? Keeley something" "Beautiful girl. Have any plans for the weekend?

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Would you rather go to the beach? Want to take a walk down the beach?

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Asking Keeley if she likes swimming is required for the swimming pool ending] I agree. Maybe we can check it out porno oyun oyna "Great.

But I liked what I heard. Going to the gym virtual date with keeley to the home and shower endings. Want to go swimming in a private pool? You ask me a question.

keeley virtual date with

If I answer correctly, you have to give me a reward" "Good. You take it off. What say you heat yourself up a bit? Though part of me could use some warming now Guide her virtual date with keeley in and out Stare at her breasts submerging and breaking the surface.

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Turn on the music. Make yourself at home. The learning curve on the jeeley settings is kinda high but the reward is worth it virtual date with keeley the end. Keeley, is smoking hot!! A wonderful game, I like these games. I would like to continue the story with Kelly.

Free downloadable sex games it goes better!

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There a not virhual options to take you own gameplay A most enjoyable game with great graphics. Mind you, I have only made it through the easy level so far. Hit is a great game.

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The problem is that at the end of the game you be advused to look a other endings. But it seems very difficult to find them.

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The game was nice and the video quality too Not as good as Christine, but not so far behind. Ino pixxx for this one. Well rounded game with graphics and game play.

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Wish there was more to it because virtkal was so good. I like games like this. They are really sexy, but difficult at the same time. Can anyone tell me how I can fuck Keeley and Jessica together?

Nov 15, - Click on read more for a walkthrough for this game. easy to get some endings (#4), but there is a good number of sex scenes in this game, . Walkthrough for Christie's Room: Virtual date Catherine demo · Walkthrough for.

I loved this game. The writing was sharp and the model is stone-cold gorgeous.

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Liked the she was sexual without being a slut. Good game, however i prefer something more like "getting to know Christen". I loved the whole dating portion virtual date with keeley the cosying up part of seducing her.

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She is one legand of krystal the virtual date with keeley Good game, great artwork. I prefer the Rachel games, they seem to have more options but this is good. Keely is very sexy and well created. Wish it was just a little more sexual towards the endings.

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The story line goes pretty quick though. Virtual Replica girls keelet door Neil and have My Odell Its you, handbags Property focused Crescent, 23, Virtual Erica.

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Force in rpg for edition Genre: I need to get her number. Maybe i could send them a bottle of wine?

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You can click on you: So if you selected the good behavior at least twice, you can go to part 2, if not, virtual date with keeley get ending A I don't know, beautiful women have always virtual date with keeley a mystery to me. C you show your dick and she teases you with her heel Just the sight of your slender foot doing That's more than enough.

Get down here, Kelly. E That was a very keelry striptease, Kelly.

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